Shiv Sagar Estate

"Five identical hexagonal towers at Worli mark the beginning of commercial hubs in the city."

The 15 acre site of Shiv Sagar Estate at Worli, originally the former home of the Maharaja of Scindia, is now a sea-side commercial hub in central Mumbai. Today, the complex houses five identical hexagonal towers which hug the bay and provide spectacular views of the city.

The plot of land was initially acquired by a business group intent on developing the Hilton Hotel in Mumbai. When the project fell through, it was decided to convert the space into a commercial premises, while five sea-facing acres were set aside for apartment buildings.

The east facing offices have windows concealed with vertical fins to soften the glare. These fins were also added to the north & south faces to ensure uniformity of the façade and hide the plumbing but, most importantly, they added modernity to Worli’s skyline whilst redefining it entirely.

Project Facts
  • Area: 4,10,000 Sq.ft.
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Status: Completed - 1967
  • Client: Shivsagar Business Premises Co-op. Society Ltd.
  • Cost: Rs. 180 lakhs