Sona College of Arts and Science

“The college uses beautifully designed curved overhangs with vertical fins that rests on them and follows the curved form, adds play of light and shadow whilst giving the campus a distinctly “wow” factor”

The Sona College of Arts and Science is located in the Sona campus, Salem, Tamil Nadu. The entire campus master plan along with all the buildings within have been designed by IMK Architects over a span of over 3 decades in association with the client. Such a close association has helped us to understand the client's core values, Thoughts, and aspirations of the institution. The proposed building is an extension of the existing Arts college in the last piece of land on the campus. The Triangular site faces the west as its main façade and the existing main building on the Northern side.

The building has been designed as modules of classrooms that can accommodate students keeping the grids flexible so that future changes can also be adjusted easily. The building comprises of four bays of classrooms following the design Principle of Classrooms facing North light for glarefree, cool uniform light throughout the day and south corridors to cut out the heat gain from south, and the corridor shades the building so the classrooms are cooler. The wings of classrooms face the courtyards to connect them to the surrounding nature and also allow them to spill over which act as an interactive social place for the students.

Project Facts
  • Area: 2 lac sqft
  • Location: Sona college campus, Salem
  • Client: Sona college of Arts and Science
  • Cost: Rs. 95 crores