sona college of technology

"An institution with a strong design identity, the architecture here is as fluid and seamless as a good education"

The design philosophy for the Sona College of Technology focuses on interaction – the interaction between built forms, between students, and between the indoors and the outdoors.

Courtyards are planned as green plazas landscaped with multilevel outdoor seating. Residual spaces, stepped walkways, and pathways connecting buildings are used as interactive landscaped platforms for student activity. Stairways are designed not merely as transit routes but as casual sit outs for students. An open-air theatre snuggled between the built forms acts as the cultural focus of the campus.

Apart from vibrant social spaces, the campus also offers spaces for privacy and contemplation. Niches in corridors serve as informal seating which encourages an exchange of ideas. Recessed areas between the classroom and corridors and landings of staircases serve as quiet, personal spaces within a buzzing campus.

The institution has a strong design language that ties it together – the use of using over sized cornices, over hangs, and beautifully designed jaalis which add a play of light and shadow whilst giving the campus a distinctly Indian flavour.

The building is further designed to respond to climate and context. At the Sona College of Technology, double walls in the south provide 100 % shade in the summer improving energy-performance. Simultaneously, north-facing classrooms with deeply recessed shading devices cut out glare and add to the thermal comfort.

Light wells provided allow for well-balanced illumination throughout the day and avoid overheating while maximizing daylight. Courtyard trees prevent solar gain and shade adjacent classrooms.

Project Facts
  • Location: Salem, Tamil Nadu
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Client: Sona College Of Technology
  • Typology: Academic and Residential Blocks / Sports Complex