Sona University Centre and Library Block

"The University block is the new face of Sona Engineering campus. This new building is designed ensuring that it addresses to the architectural language and enhances the space by bringing in the modern architectural elements of design."

The stepping blocks to the future. Just as a student experiences different phases during their learning tenure, the building mass is broken and created a stepped facade with each block having a different facade design and using different materials to emphasise that façade. The lower block has vertical bands, middle block is glass, the third block gets the jali texture. The top block houses the clock tower which is the highest point in the city hence one gets to experience the best view from this point. The boardroom and banquet are therefore placed on the top levels. In addition to the admin offices, the building also houses offices for Placement Department, Corporate floors with management cabins, 6 - 7 conference rooms of capacities varying from 8 - 40 seaters, banquet for 40 - 50 people, two floors for management residence, a 1000 seater auditorium, an amphitheatre with café and a 50000 sq. ft state of art Library with all the modern facilities. The library is one of its kind in the country. It has a huge skylight with louvers on the sides which allows the hot air to escape and filtered light to come in to the double height space with stepped casual seating made from wood of the Sona campus.

The library facade is a series of colonnade with deep recessed glazing. The foreground is created with grand steps made from rough granite slabs to give it a rustic and a grand look. It also serves as a casual seating for students. These step adorn the plaza created between this structure and the main building. Care was taken to retain as much trees as possible around the building. The clock tower with the digital screen resembles the modern approach of the institution and acts like a beacon of guiding light for areas of the city around it.

Project Facts
  • Area: 1,12,575 sq.ft
  • Location: Sona college campus, Salem
  • Client: Sona College of Technology
  • Cost: Rs. 36.85 Crores (including interiors)