Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts

"A Liberal Arts School designed to embody the ideology of the liberal arts – exploration, discovery, inspiration and creativity in all its many facets."

The Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts was designed to reflect the ethos of a liberal arts education– effective communication and interaction, integral towards the development of a student’s intellectual capacities.

The site, a narrow tract of land, demanded the functions of the building to be aligned in a linear manner in order to accommodate the programme. The form of the building evolved organically as a shallow convex and concave arc enclosing an open central court – the activated zone of interaction.

The canteen is strategically located at the center of this open space, enveloped between the two wings of the building. The building and its adjoining landscape is consciously planned to encourage formal and informal engagement between students and professors. The variety in the scales of spaces allows individuals and groups to find the right spot for rigorous discussion or silent contemplation.

The library block is designed as a massive cantilever suspended above the amphitheatre – to evoke awe and inspire. A sculptural open staircase supported by the collective strength of many thin metal pipes has been crafted within the central space. Building elevations are climate responsive; all corridors face south and are shaded with the interplay of rhythmically spaced precast concrete panels, while all teaching spaces face north with large windows that allow ample glare-free light into study areas.

This building is planned to encourage students, faculty and international visitors to spend more time on campus engaging with question - answers and discussions in an open liberal spirit.

Project Facts
  • Area: 88,660 sq.ft.
  • Location: Lavale, Pune
  • Status: 2012 Proposal
  • Client: Symbiosis
  • Cost: Rs. 27 crore
  • Number Of students: 600