Symbiosis School of Banking Finance And of Sports Science

SymbiosisSchool of Banking Finance–Symbiosis School of SportsSciences increasing education demand, compelled Symbiosis Society to plan for a new building for these faculties.A plot at thesouthern part of the hilltop Symbiosis International University atLavale wasselected to house these new facilities. A piece of land which has beautiful valleys views and a 15m high mound on one side.This was a residential school with hostels to accommodate 500 students

The Academic building allows for maximum viewsof the valley and the mound.Conceptualised to harnesses the natural north light for classrooms and east west sunlight for hostel rooms and promote cross ventilation by tapping the north west breeze. The institute has three main divisions; acommon facility block, an academic block and a hostel block.

Common Facility Block:This building houses all the congregational facilities including auditoriums,multipurpose halls, cafeteria and a library. The library and the canteen have large glazing on North facing façade to capture the glare-free light and the South site is protected from heat gain by having blank walls cladded with natural stone.

Academic Block:Both faculties have separate buildings with entrances from a common lobby. These academic buildings are planned around a lively atrium space, with corridors opening into it. Emphasis’s on classrooms facing the North to get the glarefree light and most staffrooms, conference rooms and break out spaces are facing the south, which are well sun shaded. The main feature of these atriums were the staircases which are staggered on each floor to create the drama. The building has a distinct segregationof spaces between administration facilities and classrooms; divided by atriums,thus maintaining privacy and transparency amongst the faculty and students.The external façade showcases double wall in wire cut bricks which keeps the building rooted to the surrounding and itscontext.The symbolic murals, light color schemes, geometric furniture portraysmore formal character to the interiors of banking finance whereas colourful glassrailings, informal interiors boasted the sporty look for sport sciences.

Hostels:HostelBuildingsfor Girl’s and Boy have a common double height entrance lobby which is calm and aesthetically designed with the brick jaalis and brick infill walls which creates a sense of belonging to the space. The hostel rooms are east west facing to let sunlight filter in, and promote cross ventilation.

Project Facts
  • Fact file:BUA: 4,60,000 sq ft approx
  • Location: Lavale, Pune
  • Status: 2016 - Ongoing
  • Client: 2016- Ongoing
  • Cost: Rs. 112 crore
  • Student Intake Capacity: 940
  • Residential Hostel: 670