Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Center

The Client envisioned a Multi-Specialty Hospital that would provide good health care facility and a State of Art - Centre for Health Skills which would enhance Skill development in the Field of Medicine.

This 216 Bedded Hospital provides State of art 5 Operation Theatres, Radiology dept, a dedicated Cardiology dept and a separate Gynecology Dept. The hospital is Planned in 5 levels. Depts like OPD, Casualty, Radiology, MHC which require easy ground access and is frequented by more patients everyday were planned at ground level. The first floor Compromises of General, Twin and Single bed wards. The Majority of the wards overlook the garden space. The Critical areas such as OT’s, etc. are planned on the 2nd floor making it the sterile zone and thus are also segregated from other departments of the hospital. The 3rd Floor is a ward floor. All the services for the Hospital are planned in the basement and Lower Ground level. The basement and LG levels are designed such that they use natural ventilation and daylight as much as possible as they are partly enclosed. The skill center is planned on the 4th and 5th floor of the structure with a separate entrance at the ground level. We introduced Courtyards of Different sizes within the Building to bring in daylight & natural ventilation and it also helps in segregation of departments.

Since this project had two different uses namely the Hospital and Skill center the building has two different entries. The entry to the Hospital was designed as a structure which will express Solidarity and a Shelter for Patients in distress. A curvilinear Canopy was designed to run along the width of the building. Stretching its tip upwards thus letting in more light to reach the entrance. The canopy top is a Terrace garden which allows the wards above feel they are surrounded by nature unlike other Hospitals which in return helps healing of patients. The second entrance was designed for the Skill-Center which depicts a Futuristic Approach. Hence, we designed an entrance with Grand Steps and a canopy which is Shaped like the wings of a bird stretched to its extreme ends. Made of steel with an Aluminum skin this structure rests on a Combination of steel and concrete Columns giving it a solid base and balance.

To have a natural and permanent finish on the building, Compressed earth blocks – CEB was adopted as a material for the Façade. Double wall with CEB which formed the outer layer were skewed, twisted, or tapered to achieve variation and to form a multi-facetted façade. These blocks were produced at this very site using the same soil of the site and are naturally compressed and sun dried. Use of green materials were not only restricted to the façade but also regular masonry work inside the building were done using fly ash bricks.

Project Facts
  • Area: 4,50,000 sqft (215beds)
  • Location: Lavale Pune
  • Status: Completed 2019
  • Client: Symbiosis Society Pune
  • Cost: Rs.160 crores