Symbiosis world school

"Academic buildings connected by a network of internal pedestrian streets offers an exciting setting for various student interactions to occur and evolve"

Can we design a school where children are more attentive in class, where bullying is minimized, where multiple and diverse friendships flourish? Where conversations lead to the birth of new ideas and where nature is felt truly and closely? This has been our quest in designing the school for 200 children in the Lavassa hills.

Part stilted, this campus building follows the land contours to create a network of internal streets punctuated by vibrant interaction nodes. The buildings are well-scaled to create lively and compact courts that offer safety and semi private zones within a sprawling campus.

All habitable spaces are protected from heat gain and maximise glare free light to improve student performance and reduce energy consumption.

The indoors is connected to the outdoors both visually and physically through pathways, vistas and stunning views of the hills. Beautiful basalt stone, simple plastered surfaces and shingled rooofs further blend the buildings with the natural surroundings.

Project Facts
  • Area: 60 Acres
  • Location: Lavassa
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Project Name: Symbiosis World School