Taj Gateway

"The seemingly identical hotels of Taj Gateway in twenty two cities across the country take cues from the local context to establish a unique identity"

The client proposed the design of twenty-two identical hotels across the country - the Taj Gateway chain of hotels to set a standard for construction and luxury. As Architects the challenge was to set a uniform method of construction and planning yet create a variety in visual and aesthetic appeal; to provide a new experience to the user in each of the twenty-two hotels. Drawing inspiration from city’s local art and culture formed the genesis of our response. The planning and circulation is kept simple and efficient consisting of three main design elements – a jaali wall, a courtyard, and a water space. The façade is composed of an external “jaali” wall not only as a solution to screen the hot Asian sun but also as a unique and distinctive wrap, inspired by local motifs that define the character and identity of the hotel. Building facades and entrance foyer details were inspired by local fabrics, architectural features and typical flora of the city giving each individual hotel a distinctive flavor.

Project Facts
  • Area: 200000 Sq.ft.
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Status: Proposal 2006
  • Client: The Indian Hotel Company Ltd.
  • Number of Rooms: 200