Tata Chemicals Babrala

"Self contained units staggered to create adjoining private gardens"

The house of Tatas acquired 1500 acres at Babrala on the Ganges basin to put up a fertilizer factory. An entire township had to be created along with the factory. The township was spread across 250 acres.

Individual residential units were designed as ground floor structures with attached kitchen gardens.

A green belt was created bursting with fruit trees around the entire property. Since a constant supply of water is needed for a fertilizer factory, a huge man made pond was created. Designing fountains and paving the banks of the pond beautified it. Today the pond doesn’t just supply water to the factory and township, it has also become the attraction and aesthetic hub of the area.

Project Facts
  • Area: 250 Acres
  • Location: Babrala, Uttar Pradesh
  • Status: Completed - 1996
  • Client: Tata Chemicals Ltd.
  • Cost: Rs. 100 crores