The Lake Forest Hills Development

"A heavily contoured site of 95 acres set within scenic natural beauty - the lakefront and the hills, adding tremendous value to the proposed residential villa plots as well as farm houses."

The Lake Forest Hills Development at Takawe, Pune, spread across 95 acres of contoured terrain created a challenging yet exciting opportunity to create a unique proposal. Our ‘designing with nature’ approach enhances the natural features on site with minimum disturbances to the existing contours. Spanning across valleys at various locations, the bridges are designed without columns – an attempt to blend the built with the natural forest setting.

With an aim to foster a connection between people and their surroundings, the design offers various spaces to be with nature. The Miyawaki forest, forest trails, cycling tracks, camping sites, lakeside gardens and decks create opportunities for people to closely experience nature.

Project Facts
  • Area: 95 acres
  • Location: Pune
  • Status: Ongoing