The Maharashtra State Skills University

The Maharashtra State Skills University in Panvel is a pioneering educational institution with a vision to equip students with skills for employability and entrepreneurship. The campus design spans approximately 17 acres and aims to establish India's first Net Zero campus, setting new standards in climate-responsive energy systems.

The central block houses essential facilities like a central library, a central plaza for social connections, and state-of-the-art academic blocks with cutting-edge equipment. The flexible design allows for future modifications and expansions, while sports hubs and sustainability measures promote holistic development and environmental stewardship. The campus exemplifies innovation, sustainability, and student-centred learning.

Project Facts
  • Project: Maharashtra State Skills University, Panvel
  • Area: 17 Acres
  • Location: Panvel, Maharashtra
  • Type: Educational Campus
  • Status: Concept Design
  • Client: Maharashtra State Skills University