VEE Technologies SEZ

A Business park office space for 10,000 to 12,000 staff. The concept of an office inside a garden helped in making it eco- friendly with green concepts woven into the business space. The building power supply is completely on solar power. The lights and AC work on Solar power and they are sensor-based. As per daylight lux level, they adjust themselves thus saving power.

The staff area faces the glare-free North light hence is daylit most part of the day. Courtyards divide the building into wings which allows the staff to be connected with the natural surroundings. Focus was on users having ample amount of filtered daylight, green views to rest, a very positive working environment.

Project Facts
  • Area: 25,800 Sq.Ft
  • Location: Salem Tamil Nadu
  • Status: Completed - 2023
  • Client: Mr. Chocko Valliappa, VEE technologies