Vijaynagar Valley Proposal 2| 2010

Post the global slowdown, the original design brief was reformulated to accommodate the township at a low budget.

In this proposal, 200 acres out of the 800 acre parcel of land was identified to house 4000 families. This was the first phase of the development.

The mission was to create homes that are affordable, beautiful, durable and green. The design principles were based on the creation of a compact, walkable and safe community with sustainable neighbourhoods. Design of streets and public spaces was given special attention.

The plan consisted of two neighbourhoods, one of 1 BHK units and the other of 2BHK units. Both were self sustainable in all respects (including urban farming plots, natural methods of sewage recycling and garbage segregation and vermiculture). The residential units were planned in self-sustaining clusters of about 150 – 200 units each. The amenities were placed strategically within walking distance of all units within each neighbourhood. Both the neighbourhoods shared a common garden space physically separating the two.

The streets were planned with a view to ensure safe walkable ways. Various strategies like curved roads, intermittently narrowed streets islands and pedestrian plazas at street junctions are adopted for traffic calming as well as encouragement of social interaction. The plantation along the streets was planned such that each street had a distinct identity based on the colour of flowering trees.

The buildings were planned with a view to optimize the cost of construction – load bearing structures using pre-engineered concrete blocks. The repetitive building elevations were treated in textures and colours to bring about a variety in the streetscapes.

The plan was designed in sync with the overall master plan. Further phases could be added on similar principals.

Project Facts
  • Area: Phase 1 – 200 Acres
  • Location: Vijaynagar, Toranagallu, Bellary
  • Status: Proposal
  • Client: JSW Realty Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.