Wadala Regeneration Project

"Conservation means progressive development as much as it means preservation. The Wadala initiative aims at reviving a neglected site in Mumbai"

Along with planning rehabilitation buildings for the slum dwellers at Wadala, I.M.Kadri Architects has had the opportunity to propose strategies to preserve and develop the surrounding region as well.

A step one initiative was the conservation and regeneration of the mangrove fields at Wadala. A critical part of the eco-system, mangroves would not only offer natural protection against change in water levels but would also act as a source of livelihood to the thousands of slum dwellers in the surrounding region. Another step forward was to conserve the existing the 5000 odd saltpans in Wadala. A natural ecological niche for bird life, it is proposed that this wetland be developed as an eco-tourism site.

More importantly, the proposal emphasizes on regeneration of a 1.3 Km of the Mahul Creek in Wadala. The purpose is to examine the problems contributing to its degredation and develop solutions to restore it partially or fully and re-establish the attributes of a naturalistic, functioning water system making it a place of interest for the public.

The vision is to transform the channel front into a thriving, pedestrian–oriented, sustainable community space. To create a “people place” that is active, vibrant & accessible and gives a unique identity to the region.

Project Facts
  • Area: 4312440 Sqft
  • Location: Wadala
  • Status: Proposal
  • Client: NEUMEC & A.M Group