Technical Design

IDetailed Design
  • Detailing the final approved concept plan and co-ordinating with consultants
  • Optimization of the value of the project within agreed cost plan while formulating detailed specifications
  • Incorporating the landscape scheme into the design
  • Preparing detailed physical model as required
IIFinal Design
  • Developing approved detailed design into final design
  • Fully co-ordinating designs with all consultants & specialists
  • Designs to include construction details, choice of materials and their incorporation.
  • Checking costs to ensure final design does not exceed the defined budget
  • Preparation of tender drawings in sufficient detail to enable tenders to be obtained for the project
  • Identification and evaluation of potential contractors for the project
  • Obtaining and appraising tenders; submission of recommendations to the client.
IVGFC Drawings
  • Preparation of necessary working drawings to begin construction of RCC & civil work
  • Co-ordinating all the drawings with the final drawings received from the consultants
  • Final checking of drawings with the cost stated in the tender
Not following the processes in Technical Design may lead to reduced functional efficiency and poor construction quality of the building. Lack of clarity in detailing may result in cost and time overruns.